• Hobby-Gardening and Growing All Kinds of Organic Veggies
  • Music Education Degree 

  • Born and Raised in Sichuan China

ABOUT The Owner 

  • Accounting Degree-UNCC Charlotte 2015

ABOUT Dumpling Girls 

Dumpling Girls

"My Goal is to let my truck inspire you with the taste of Sichuan!"

  • Passion for Cooking-Inspired by Dad's Sichuan Style of Cooking 

Dumpling in Charlotte

We serve traditional inspired Chinese cuisine, made with passion, authenticity and originality. We adhere to the fundamentals of Chinese cooking, respecting the freshest ingredients and their natural flavors. We pride ourselves on creating and providing a unique and exciting eating experience. 

Our truck sells dumplings at a variety of locations including day and night markets, festivals and special events. Call us to book your event at 704-421-4409.